Configuring Online Booking

Go to Meevo > Business Settings > Online Booking Settings, or type online into the Convobar. Here you can fine-tune many different aspects of your Online Booking site, including the information that appears to clients on the site, hours or days they can book online, rescheduling and cancellation limits, and much  more.

Configuring OB settings

  1. Go to Meevo > Business Settings > Online Booking Settings, or type online into the Convobar. 
  2. From the Main tab, select Edit
  3. Enable Online Booking: This enables Online Booking. See Enabling Online Booking for complete details on enabling Online Booking for your business.
  4. Google Analytics Tracking Id and Google Tag Manager Id: Enter the Google Analytics ID for your OB Property and the Google Tag Manager Id. See Using Google Analytics with Online Booking and eGift for details.
  5. Default referral type assigned: Any new client who registers through Online Booking will have this Referral Type automatically selected in the Referred by field in the client profile. This can be overridden in the client profile, as long as it is before the client's first transaction.
  6. Display 'Business Type' selection in zip code search: When this option is enabled, clients can select a Business Type prior to searching for a location by ZIP Code. When this option is disabled, all Business Types are shown in results. If your clients are unfamiliar with your Business Types, we recommend that you do not enable this option.
  7. Display website URL on main screen of Online Booking: Enable this option to display your website URL on the left pane of the Online Booking home page and in the Contact modal. This option will default to on if your Business URL field is filled out.
  8. Display Terms and Conditions: Displays the Terms and Conditions text that you can enter in the text box below this option.
  9. Client must accept the Terms and Conditions on every booking: Requires the client to accept the terms each time they book.
  10. Allow client(s) to reschedule appointment(s) from their "Future Appointments" tab: Clients can reschedule an appointment by going to their Future Appointments screen. Enable this option to allow clients to easily move an appointment (and its deposit); otherwise, the existing deposit will need to be refunded and a new deposit collected.
  11. Allow Online Appointment Cancellation: Allows clients to cancel their own appointments through Online Booking in the Appointments area, as long as the appointment is not within the Appointments may not be canceled within 'X' hours threshold that is explained below. If the Cancellation Reason chosen by the client is associated with a fee, you can process that fee from the Cancel/No-Show list in the register.
  12. Appointments may not be canceled or rescheduled within 'X' hours: Customers are prevented from canceling or rescheduling an appointment through Online Booking if the appointment Start Time is within the number of hours set here.
  13. Client must agree to Cancellation Policy on every booking: When enabled, clients are required to select the I have read and agree to the cancellation policy checkbox that appears at the end of the booking workflow.
  14. The following options determine which information will be required when a client signs up for Online Booking:
  • Initial Login Required: Clients must log in before they can view available appointment openings.
  • Display Available Points Indicator: This allows logged-in Online Booking clients to see their total number of points.
    • Hide monetary value: This hides the monetary value of points from logged-in Online Booking clients.
  • All new clients can access Online Booking: If this option is selected, then when creating a new client profile, the Allow client to book and reschedule appointments via Online Booking option will be enabled by default. New clients are unable to book appointments through Online Booking unless the ability to book online is enabled in each of those client profiles.
  • Credit Card Required: Requires the client to place a valid card on file in order to book an appointment. This option is available only if your default Merchant Account processor supports it.
    • Prompt guest to call the business to book their appointment if there is an issue placing a credit card on file: As the description explains, this setting ensures that a client cannot book an appointment if there is a communication issue between Meevo and the processor.
  • Enable the ability to collect deposit at the time of booking: This turns on Online Booking Prepay. Clients will be required to deposit a certain amount to hold an Online Booking appointment if they book a service that has This service requires a deposit enabled in the service definition. If there is an issue communicating with the credit card processor, the client will be prompted to contact the business and the service will not be booked. Note this option appears only if your default Merchant Account processor supports it.
    • Deposit percentage/amount required: This is the default amount or percentage of the service price that must be deposited to hold the appointment. If  there is a service deposit amount override on the service definition, that override will be charged instead of the value entered here.
  • Client(s) who have redeemable services in a Pre-Paid Package will not be required to leave a deposit for those services(s): A deposit will not be required if the booked service is redeemable from a pre-paid package.
  • Birthday Required: When this is enabled, clients must provide their birthday when registering for Online Booking and will be prevented from saving updates to their profile if the birthday has been removed. In multi-locations, this option is set by Central Office and is read-only within locations.
  • Phone Required: When this is enabled, clients must provide a phone number when registering for Online Booking and will be required to always have a phone number on their profile in order to book appointments through Online Booking.
  • Client may edit email address: Allows the client to edit their email address through the client-facing Online Booking site. The updated address will be reflected in the client's Meevo profile.
  1. These options are where you can set limits and conditions on Online Booking:
  • Maximum Number of Bookable Services per Appointment: Limits the number of services that can be booked for a single appointment.
  • Prevent Appointments from being booked within __ of current time: This setting prevents last-minute appointments from being booked online. For example, if set to 3hr, the earliest available appointment will be 3 hours from the time the client scans for an opening through Online Booking.
  • Prevent Online Booking client(s) from booking more than x weeks in the future: This option limits how far into the future an Online Booking client can search for an opening. Setting this option to 0 means there are no restrictions on how far into the future a client can search and book.
  • Maximum wait time between services (in minutes): This option is for clients booking multiple services online. It defines the maximum wait time that can pass between services in a single appointment. Meevo considers this option during a "scan for opening." Setting this option to a lower number prevents too much down time for clients as they wait between services.
  • Maximum appointment openings shown per day: Sets the maximum number of available openings to clients booking online.
  • Number of days searchable in a custom date range: Defines the maximum number of days a client can search for an opening using a custom date range.
  • Date Ranges available for Online Booking client(s) to choose from: This list determines the predefined, relative date ranges that will be available to clients from the Choose a Date drop-down.
  • Time range options available for Online Booking client(s) to choose fromThis list determines the predefined, relative time ranges that will be available to clients from the Choose a Time drop-down.
  • Maximum number of guests: Determines the maximum number of guests a client can book with through Online Booking. Setting this to zero (0) turns off couples and family booking. Setting this to anything other than zero enables couples and family booking. When this option is set to 1 or greater, family booking is simply considered "on" with no restrictions on the number of family members that can be booked.
    • Require email to be entered for each guest: If Maximum number of guests is set to 1 or greater, this option appears. When enabled, the booking client must enter an email address for each guest on the appointment.
    • Require mobile phone number to be entered for guests: If Maximum number of guests is set to 1 or greater, this option appears. When enabled, the booking client must enter a mobile phone number for each guest on the appointment.
  1. The remaining settings determine what a client can see and do in Online Booking. A description of the option appears below each option label.

Setting Up an OB Announcement

When you set up an OB Announcement, the message is delivered to clients via a ribbon at the top of your Online Booking pages. Clients do not need to be logged into OB to see the message. They can dismiss the message via the X on the ribbon and bring it back via the "bullhorn" icon in the top-right of the page. The message will always reappear each time a user changes locations or reloads the page.

Use the announcement feature to convey important information about your business, like the availability of a new stylist, a special or promotion, or extended hours you may be running during a holiday. Only one announcement can be displayed at a time

  1. Go to Meevo > Business Settings > Online Booking Settings, or type online into the Convobar. 
  2. From the Announcements tab, select Edit
  3. Enter the Title and the Description and use the formatting tools to style the message how you like.
  4. When you are ready to display the message to clients, set the announcement to active by deselecting the Inactive checkbox.
  5. Save when finished. The message appears in the client-facing Online Booking site immediately.