Supported Devices and Hardware

While Meevo works with a variety of devices, we do recommend having Meevo on at least one desktop or laptop computer to help with receipt printer setup or support troubleshooting.

Note: Millennium Systems International regularly reviews our supported devices lists. Click here to view our latest supported hardware PDF

Device Type

Supported Devices

Network Receipt Printers

  • Epson OmniLink TM-T88VI-i
  • Star Micronics TSP654II CLOUDPRNT-24
  • Star Micronics TSP654IIW-24 (the wireless version of the above Star printer)
  • Star Micronics mC-Print2 and mC-Print3

Credit Card Terminals1

  • Verifone MX915
  • IPP 320 (still supported but no longer available for purchase)
  • Ingenico iSMP4
  • Ingenico Link/2500
  • Ingenico Lane/3000
  • Ingenico Lane/5000

Card Connect
Credit Card Terminals1

  • Ingenico ISC 250
  • IPP 320 (still supported but no longer available for purchase)
  • IPP 350
Credit Card Terminals1
  • Castles AMS1
  • Castles S1E2L
  • Verifone M400
  • Verifone P400 Plus
  • Verifone e280
  • Verifone e285

Cash Drawers2

  • APG 4000 Series
  • Star Micronics CD3-1616WT58-S2

Barcode Scanners3

  • Honeywell Voyager 1602G
  • Honeywell Voyager 1450G
  • Socket CHS Series: 7 Ci
  • Zebra DS4800 Series

Price and Pole Displays

  • Bematech (formerly LogicControls) 9000 Series Display (for USB connection to Star CloudPRNT printers)
  • Epson DM-D110 (for USB connection to Epson receipt printers)
  • Star Micronics Price Display (for USB connection to Star CloudPRNT printers)
  1. Contactless payment is available on near-field communication (NFC) -supported devices. Examples of applications that utilize NFC are Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  2. Any cash drawer that connects to a supported receipt printer’s "drawer kick port" will work. The drawer manufacturer must provide the necessary cable for the brand of printer. Some, but not all, cables are compatible with both the drawer and printer. Please check with your Account Executive to see if your current cash drawer is compatible with Meevo.
  3. These barcode scanners support Code 39 and Code128, either of which can be used with our eGift solution. Refer to your scanner's documentation for details on how to enable Code128; this usually involves simply scanning a Code128-enabling barcode that can be found in your scanner's documentation. Enabling Code128 does not disable Code39, so the scanner will be able to scan both Code39 and Code128 barcodes.